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Differently-able People

Differently-able People


Professional counselors help children develop self-esteem and self-confidence and motivate them through counseling. Capacity building for parents on disability management and sign language communication skills.      

Early Identification and Intervention

Inform the parents about the disability of their child and educate them about it, assess the child and the conditions of the family, refer the family to a doctor or suitable referral institute, record the status of the child, plan the interventions for the child, educate parents about the various government schemes.        

Special School

Special school for the differently-able children. AGROHO aims at training the differently-able kids in self-reliance and self-dependence on independent living and to make them productive members of the society. The main target is to provide educational, prevocational and vocational training.

Plans to Do
We have the following plans in development; and trying to execute all as soon as possible.              

Vocational Training
We will provide need-based and skill based training like, computer operation, block batik print, screen printing, handmade paper product, knitting, tailoring, art and craft, beautician, jute products and many more to empower the women and differently-able people to become a part of the broader community.

Economic Rehabilitation
Differently-able individuals will be involved in income-generating activities as part of our socio-economic rehabilitation project. AGROHO will work as an interface among government, industry, international agencies towards creating better employment opportunities for people with disability.              

Adaptive Training
Differently-able individuals undergo physiotherapy and mobility aids training regularly.